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Re: Question about DENEMO save MUSIC for BRAILE prining

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: Question about DENEMO save MUSIC for BRAILE prining
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2023 12:35:06 +0000
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On Wed, 2023-02-01 at 15:03 +0300, Вадим Савко wrote:
> Dear Sir!
> I need Your attention.
> I have a friend who is blind, he uses scores written in Braile font
> (the ones that are available). But scores number is very limited.
> There are a lot of blind musicians in all country , I think that the
> function described below will be of interest to many of them.
> Can you add function to  DENEMO to save music MUSICXML  as Braile
> simbol or latin alfabet.txt file which any person can use to print
> Braile?

Such a feature would be a program that converts "standard" MusicXML
into the one of the formats you refer to. It would be *much* better to
do this as a standalone program since then all music typesetters that
export musicXML - that's virtually all of them - would be able to use
it to create Braille scores.
Let me know if you find someone able and willing to write such a
program as I would like to invoke it from Denemo to supplement the
export to musicXML that Denemo currently performs.


> The standart of music Braile I add to this mail
> Thank You
> -- 
> С уважением, 
> к.т.н. Вадим Геннадиевич Савко
> +7 (963) 710 33 35
> +7 (495) 649 48 76
> Канал на Ютуб АРТПОЛИГРАФ

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