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Re: Releasing Denemo Version 2.4.0

From: Edgar Aichinger
Subject: Re: Releasing Denemo Version 2.4.0
Date: Sun, 17 May 2020 12:41:23 +0200


do I understand correctly that this is not the final releasetarball that will 
be linked from the download page once someone with permissions generates and 
uploads it?

The git tarball you posted IMO presents a bit of a problem for  packagers, 
because it doesn't supply ./configure. As I understand it, releases should 
include ./configure, SCM snapshots shouldn't,

That's of course something I can work around by adding ./ and build 
dependencies for autotools to my spec file. But up to now I've only built 
release versions in my package, and I try to keep the spec as clean as 
possible. except for the AppImage I'm also generating via OBS, which I can 
update to current git whenever I want...

So I wonder if I should wait for a proper release tarball?



Am Samstag, 16. Mai 2020, 18:50:06 CEST schrieb Richard Shann:
> I've set about making the version 2.4.0 release. 
> The source file is currently at
> I've created the tag and built and uploaded an AppImage
> A windows no-install version will be built overnight Chicago time.
> There are other builds and links that I don't have access to - can
> those that do update them please (I can change the body of the page 
> but not the headings).
> I don't think I have access to to upload
> the release there either, which is the official home of the release.
> Richard

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