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Re: Four voices to print with stems right

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: Four voices to print with stems right
Date: Sat, 09 May 2020 11:06:55 +0100

On Sat, 2020-05-09 at 13:10 +1000, Lorna wrote:
> Thanks Richard. I'm not focused on programming code now I am older.
> My 
> focus is on producing music. I used to use the old Windows program 
> MusicWorks - where each voice had a separate MIDI channel, so you
> could 
> listen to each voice, yet it printed out as a closed satb grand
> stave. 
> More recently, a friend has been entering my 4 part denemo-produced 
> songs into a third friend's own program which does what I want. 
> Unfortunately, the first friend is dying with cancer and that source
> is 
> gone. I'll try another program, like MuseScore, (if I can get the
> audio 
> working).
> Alternately, persisting with Denemo, I'll create the four voice
> piece 
Well, Denemo can do that for you automatically.
There is a command that is supposed to create four voices from a set of
four part chords, but it seems to have gotten out of date.
In your case you want something simpler - to create two parts from a
set of two-note chords. The attached script does this but before I make
this into a command so that you can invoke it easily, perhaps you would
test it out to see that it does what you want?

To try it out you need to get the attached script into the Scheme
Window (View->Scheme), either by copy and paste or by saving the
attachment as a file and loading it from the File menu of the Scheme

Once it is in the Scheme window you can place the cursor on a staff
with two-note chords and hit the Execute button. It should create two
new staffs with one voice in each taken from the two-note chords. The
original staff is muted and the two new staffs are set to not appear in
the typeset score. To listen to just one of the new staffs right click
on the mute icon at the start of the other staff to mute it.

My only reason for not making this available as a command in Denemo
straight away is I'm not sure how many people would find it useful. It
seems to me that it only applies to a type of polyphony where all the
parts are rhythmically the same (so that they can be represented by
chords) - is this at all common?


By the way, please use the "Reply to All" or "Group Reply" buttons when
replying to a mailing list posting, as others will benefit from the

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