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[Denemo-devel] MXE denemo build

From: Jeremiah Benham
Subject: [Denemo-devel] MXE denemo build
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 10:37:02 -0500

I have managed to compile all of denemo's dependencies (including evince). There is still a few snags. It seems that fluidsynth is still being compiled statically. I tried to change this but after digging around I think I found the answer. I think fluidsynth is not being built into a dynamic lib because some of its dependencies are statically compiled. I did see that libuuid.a was built static and the fluidsynth logs had a complaint about it. I was able to compile denemo with --disable-fluidsynth but have not tested it. Denemo does not compile against fluidsynth because we are laking the libfluidsynth.dll. I was wondering if I should edit denemo's LDFLAGS to include something like -shared -Wl -l:libfluidsynth.a or something or ... should I keep working on fluidsynth to make sure it compiles dynamically?


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