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[Denemo-devel] keyboard accels again.

From: Richard Shann
Subject: [Denemo-devel] keyboard accels again.
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 07:56:57 +0000

I notice on Debian that there are *still* accels which can only be set
by editing the standard.accels file, namely the arrow keys. This can
surely be fixed by getting rid of the dialog widget which is active when
you make your keypress. I guess when you say you want to edit the
accelerator it needs to return from the dialog and do whatever the code
in the old keybinding editor does. After all you can set the arrow keys
in the old keybinding editor (the code is still there and active in
Denemo as we speak).
If someone would like to fix this I would be very happy to leave it to
them as I am burning to get on with other things! I don't think leaving
users to type into standard.accels is acceptable, also it would be nice
to avoid the re-start thing for the special keys.

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