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Re: [Denemo-devel] "Noteworthy Composer" Project

From: N. Gey
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] "Noteworthy Composer" Project
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 12:59:42 +0100
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On November the 11th I wrote an email about making a keyset to try out how denemo behaves with the Noteworthycomposer shortcuts.

I got this answer. I want to ask if its now the right time to try it? because I want to get rid of my last windows programm and want to help denemo with comments and feedback.



Richard Shann schrieb:
Please do not work on keybindings for denemo as they are superceded in
the current (CVS) version by keyboard accelerators - any work on the old
style keybindings will become obsolete shortly. The patch just going
through makes every action available from the keyboard with every
accelerator easily user-choosable - see the last few emails on this
It would be interesting to know what features of NW you are interested
in, if you have the time to describe them.
Thank you for your interest.

Denemo-devel mailing list

N. Gey schrieb:
Hello list,

In short: I love the Noteworthycomposer but its closed source, win-only, 
slow-developing and has bad lilypond-support so I want to convert a Denemo 
version to behave like the NWC(2) and I'm asking myself if there are any other 
people who can help or are interested.

For years and currently I'm using the Noteworthy Composer 2 Beta 
( I think its a very good program. Its 
handy, quick and key-based (not mouse) and overall there are many good things. 
The way of typing is very unique, you could test the programm or read the 
wikipedia article to get a clue .

But recently I'm trying to change, for a few reasons, as said above: I'm a 
linux user and having Wine and a Windows-Version on my laptop mainly for this 
programm, its closed source and its only slow developing. The developers are 
some strange kind of narrow-minded (I think its only one person) with no 
perspective for further versions. And now comes my interest for lilypond. There 
is some ly converter for nwc avaible, but its not that good.

So I want to change my notationprogram. I've searched a lot and only find 
denemo attractive enough to take a closer look. Its key-based with a cursor, 
you can change all kind of keys and its very close to lilypond.

But I dont like the way Denemo behaves in some things, so I want to announce 
here, that I'm trying to make Denemo like the NWC, because I think its a 
superior sort of typing. First only with keymap-changes but maybe later with 
some patches.

Any comments?

greetings, Nils

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