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[Demexp-dev] Timestamps

From: Diogene Laerce
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Timestamps
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 14:10:40 +0700

Hi David

In your message of 2007/10/23, you say :

"Use the regular RPC API to get the update on each question. There is a
timestamp mechanism to know if a question has been changed. Look at
RPC get_timestamp() in the demexp book.

In short, a timestamp, an integer counter, is incremented each time a
question, tag, etc. is modified. You have the timestamp in the data
structure of each question, tag, etc. Moreover, you can use the
get_timestamp() RPC to get all the timestamps at once.

As an added bonus, on the XML-RPC proxy, you have two RPCs available:
 * get_timestamp(), the same as the get_timestamp() ONC-RPC;

 * get_timestamp_decoded(), returns the timestamp as arrays of
integers (instead of the compressed version of the get_timestamp()

So I guessed that it exists a get_timestamp() function available for each
question. But the demo-server answers that such funcion is  not supported.
See the joined file for debbug.

Have I guessed wrong ? 


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