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Re: [Demexp-dev] Proxy again..

From: Diogene Laerce
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] Proxy again..
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 15:36:17 +0700

Hello David

Ive been out all the week and no time to get into it, so sorry for my
late answer.. 

> >> Regarding the proxy configuration on tuxinette, the proxy file is at the
> >> root of the CGI directory, with "-rwxr-xr-x" rights. There are also two
> >> directories rpc/ and DemexpRpc/ that contain the needed RPC machinery:
> >
> > But regarding to your answer, I dont have the following files :
> >
> > // rpc directory :
> >
> >   rpc.x rpc_const.pyc  rpc_pack.pyc  rpc_type.pyc
> > rpc.pyc   rpcsec/
> >
> > I think that it'd may be the reason.. Can you tell me where they come
> > from ? Because pydemexp gave me only those :
> They comme from the PyRpc package
> ( See the README of PyDemexp for
> details.

I had already installed it but it wasnt mentionned that I had to backup
the directories.. Or maybe it was a so obvious option ?? But for newbie,
nothings obvious.. :)

So anyway, I still miss those files :

// DOSSIER rpc

rpc.pyc base.pyc  sec_auth_gss.pyc  sec_auth_none.pyc  sec_auth_sys.pyc

after 3 times reinstalled all pydemexp, ply and pyrpc (according to the
README file).

> However, I don't thing this is the root of your /current/ issue. If the
> RPC files where missing, you would get an error message, not a dump of
> the python script source code.

Well this sounds wise and logical to me.. 

The scripting test Ive done, Ive done it with a "hello world" python
file, do you think that can change from a real script or not ? I dont
think so but I may miss some point.

If I cant make it work on my computer, is it possible to ask for an
exemption for the demexp account ? I already ask for one normal account
but Frederic Lebohey answered me about your rules for anonymous, that I
understand for sure. 

But I find a little stupid to get stuck here (for coding work) just cos
I d like to remain anonymous. I dont even want to vote or propose
questions : I just want to code. And for this I need to send testing
requests to the server - In the case I cant work it on my machine, of

So, if the high spheres of demexp could do me a favour : I d
appreciate. ;) Like a temporary account maybe, I dont know.

Let me know.

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