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LIS on demexp Re: [Demexp-dev] [OSP2007] An OCaml Summer Project proposa

From: François
Subject: LIS on demexp Re: [Demexp-dev] [OSP2007] An OCaml Summer Project proposal
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 16:53:28 +0100
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So I just take the time now to present the work I could do on demexp
this summer. 

The proposal would be to include in the demexp server a way to navigate
on tags and questions. The code base and the API of [LISFS][] should be used
and the API implemented by the means of RPC calls. 

In order to test and demonstrate why it is a good idea to import those
concepts in demexp, it may also be possible to add a basic graphical
interface a la [CAMELIS][]. 

It is perhaps a bit late for OCaml Summer Project but it's worth a try.
I have not sure on who must submit the projects and if a text as above
is sufficient to present the project.

Thanks for reading,



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