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Re: [Demexp-dev] Google Summer of Code 2007

From: Félix
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] Google Summer of Code 2007
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 19:51:46 +0100

Hi David,

First proposal, to be modified, improved, expanded.


About Your Organization         ^ back to top


      What is your Organization's Name?

The Democratic Experience


      What is your Organization's Homepage?


      Describe your organization.

Our organization is based on a small core of dedicated members (about 4-6 people) mostly (but not all) living in the city of Rennes, in France. Most of us are working in the IT field and we are 30 years old (+/- 20%). We have a horizontal organization and we take our decisions by consensus. We communicate mostly by email but we meet at least once a month for a project meeting. There is a larger community of about 30 persons who are contributing to the project occasionnaly, and participating in the discussions on our mailing list.

Our goal is to develop a software tool to facilitate direct democracy within small structures (associations, projects, companies...) or larger entities (towns, regions...). The software, called demexp, is based on a client server architecture. Each participant can:
-Submit a new vote (eg. "How to we process waste in our company?")
-Submit candidate answers (eg. 1:"We put everything in the same bin" 2: "There are three bins for each employee" 3: "There are three bins in a dedicated room" 4: "Question rejected")
-Vote (using Condorcet voting algorithm in the current version)

The question and the winning answer are compiled into a database representing the decisions taken by the community of participants. There are a number of additional features already coded or specified (eg. vote delegation).


      Why is your organization applying to participate in GSoC 2007?
What do you hope to gain by participating?

Our main goal is to get help in developping a web based client interface to the voting server. The expertise to do this is currently lacking in the project and we believe GSoC is a good opportunity to find it.


      Did your organization participate in GSoC 2005 or 2006? If so,
please summarize your involvement and the sucesses and failures of
your student projects. (optional)

We did not participate in previous GSoCs.


      If your organization has not previously participated in GSoC,
have you applied in the past? If so, for what year(s)? (optional)

We did not apply in the past.


      What license does your project use?

Our project is under GPL.


      URL for your ideas page



      What is the main development mailing list for your organization?

address@hidden  [mettre un pointeur plus explicite?]


      Where is the main IRC channel for your organization?

We do have an IRC channel [en fait on en a un je crois, mis en place par rZr]


      Does your organization have an application template you would
like to see students use? If so, please provide it now. (optional)

No, we don't.


      Who will be your backup organization administrator? Please enter
their Google Account address. We will email them to confirm, your
organization will not become active until they respond. (optional)

[Que mettre ici?]


      What criteria did you use to select these individuals as
mentors? Please be as specific as possible.

[Que mettre ici?] 


      Who will your mentors be? Please enter their Google Account
address separated by commas. If your organization is accepted we will
email each mentor to invite them to take part. (optional)

[Que mettre ici?] 

About The Program       ^ back to top


      What is your plan for dealing with disappearing students?

We have a well organized software methodoly and repository system and therefore code source durability is ensured. Moreover we insist on good practice programmation. Until now the code has been written using litterate programming.


      What is your plan for dealing with disappearing mentors?

[La je ne comprends pas très bien]


      What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with
your project's community before, during and after the program?

We will encourage them:
-to use the program (it is already possible to vote and interact with our main voting server, using our software client).
-to participate in the discussions on our general and development mailing lists.


      What will you do to ensure that your accepted students stick
with the project after GSoC concludes?

We hope that the student will be highly motivated not only by the software development aspects, but also by the prospects of facilitating direct democracy and bringing it in new structures. Since our project has an experimental and slightly philosophical dimension, we hope they will have an interest in pursuing the experience/experiment it represents.

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