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[Demexp-dev] Joyfully marching towards OCaml Summer and running straingh

From: ketty
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Joyfully marching towards OCaml Summer and running strainght into the Big Wall of Fear
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 20:25:54 +0100

I have bad news about ocaml summer. i am suddenly very scared by it.
it is so far away in the future and so long, i don't longer feel
comfortable making a commitment like that. this is partly because in a
very short amount of time has recieved two unrelated
proposals for votingsystems (the first was not opensource though, and
i don't know about the technical quality of the second compared to
demexp yet). and in the case that would go with some
other system than demexp i would like to be able to shudle my
commitments accordingly...
another part of the reason for fear is that i have previously had a
very high rate of failed courses in school (because of my unability to
handle longtime commitments in a sane way) and this term everything
has gone flawlessly (so far) because of a lot of random ahead of time
studying. i would like to continue doing well in school and the summer
would be a perfect time to do random ahead of time studying.
with all that said i still don't want to abandon demexp, and i feel
really bad about freaking out. i guess the only way to clear my
concience is to do really much demexp-related work :-)

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