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[Demexp-dev] Re: Two questions: account password change and PHP allow_ur

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Re: Two questions: account password change and PHP allow_url_fopen requirement
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 21:30:35 +0100
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Augustin <address@hidden> writes:

> On Monday 23 October 2006 01:58 am, David MENTRE wrote:
>> Hello Augustin,
>> I have two questions related to your code and Drupal:
>>  1. Is it possible for the demexp admin in Drupal to change the demexp
>>     password of a Drupal user? It happens that demexp users loose their
>>     passwords and I need to be able to give them a new one.
> ??? Did you code a method for that? 
> As you know, I haven't implemented any of the admin methods yet.
> If you feel it's urgent, I'll work on the admin methods as soon as the new 
> site is launched.

You did not understood my question: I was asking for a way to change the
demexp server password of a user *inside his Drupal account*. :-)

>>  2. Can Drupal and your demexp module work with allow_url_fopen
>>     disabled? It is apparently the cause of a great number of recent
>>     attacks:
>>       Remote file inclusion vulnerabilities
> I am not sure if the core of Drupal needs it, but some contrib modules use it 
> (though we may not need them). 

As I said in my previous email, it is currently ON on my config. Once it
works in this setting, I'll try to disable it.

Best wishes,
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