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[Demexp-dev] update on account activation,

From: Augustin
Subject: [Demexp-dev] update on account activation,
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 18:04:21 +0800
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I have just updated the module and made some small but necessary change.
It's a bit more secure.

Now, there is a confirmation screen when activating the account.
Moreover, only the 'account officer' (you) or the Drupal account owner can 
activate it (you must be logged in).

Similarly, if you have a request for an account creation, you must follow the 
link and enter yourself the account name AND password (to make sure you 
didn't make a mistake: the server will be contacted to verify the 
information, but the password will not be stored).

When people start testing the site, you should start receiving some emails 
with activation/creation requests.

Another major change is that the Drupal administrator account (mine), cannot 
use this account to vote or to interact with the demexp server. The logic 
behind this is that the website administrator will probably change over time. 
I will be the administrator for the first 6-12 months or more, but then I may 
step down, or the community may elect someone else to take over.
It means that I must create a personal account to vote, an account that I can 
keep as an 'ordinary citizen'.

I think all of this is good enough for now.


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