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Re: [Demexp-dev] logins and account creation.

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] logins and account creation.
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 09:50:48 +0200

Hello Ketty,

2006/10/9, ketty . <address@hidden>:
With identification of user being such a big issue, and one that will grow
as demexp grows, maybe having a third party handle them make sense? As for
now this could just be another server put up by us, but in the long term it
could be something not related to demexp. In sweden we have something called
BankID[1] that works as an e-legitimation and is used by banks and some
other organisations to identify people on the internet.

This is an interesting path but this approach has several
consequences: (i) we must rely on external infrastructure (that might
not exist, for example in France), (ii) we assume that those
indentification systems fulfill our needs. I'm not sure Fred or FĂ©lix
would agree with such an approach.

Regarding different accounts on demexp server and drupal, i think it is
plain "weird" :)

Glad to see I'm not the only voice against it. :-)

Why are they needed to be different? Because it is hard to get a demexp
account and easy to get a drupal account? I suggest that in the long run we
use only one account, and that account having a flag of either identified
user or not. That way account creation can be easy, while real life
identification of the user can be as complicated as required.

Yes, I support such approach.

However, I understand Augustin's viewpoint: he does not want to tie to
much his software to demexp server. And I like his idea of being able
to participate in forums without voting (and thus providing
authentication information, e.g. paperwork).

Overall, I think we should have at one point:
* a software to manage accounts;

* for each account, have several attributes saying if this account
has Drupal account, demexp server account, etc.

* find a way to hide all this complexity to the user: (s)he should
see only one account.

When a user posts in forums, the system should displays if he has only
a Drupal account or a demexp account.

But that can be done after stage 1 if Augustin don't want to code this
right now.

Best wishes,

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