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second batch (Re: [Demexp-dev] New test Drupal site open.

From: Augustin
Subject: second batch (Re: [Demexp-dev] New test Drupal site open.
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 17:30:26 +0800
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On Sunday 17 September 2006 12:17 am, you wrote:
> When browsing through the questions, some display
> the winning answer, and some don't. Example here:
> only question 181 has a winning answer, not the others;
> This "bug" (feature?) only happens when browsing through
> the list of questions: the winning anwser is always
> displayed when one *opens* the question,

Before publishing the site, I looked for a long time for a solution to this, 
but I had forgotten about a very simple feature in Drupal. The fix proved to 
be much easier than what I was looking for.
This is fixed in HEAD and will be apparent with newly updated questions (once 
I upload the new module).

> I think that 6. and 7. can be combined. If there is a hierarchy
> of tags display, it would be nice if one could still see the
> importance (according to chosen criterion) of that tag. For instance,
> at the start of the tag page, the list of top-level tags are displayed
> with the same feature as now. When a tag is "opened" (to see the
> sub-tags) the sub-tags also show their "importance" level.
> Don't know if it's easily feasible though.

Currently there is no hierarchy between the tags, but it is planned. 
Eventually, I will make it so that when viewing the listing of tags, the bread 
crumbs reflects the hierarchy, and shows what other subtags there are.
After I have done that (stage 2 or 3), you can review again and see if it's 

> I like this idea. It's quite tricky because, for instance, one
> could allow each demexp user to create a forum (in a specific
> place). Usually, I would say the risk is to have independent forums
> where people of different opinion would never meet. However,
> and that's the nice thing with demexp, eventually they
> will "meet" at the "voting booth"=the question. So actually
> people with different opinion have *an interest* in
> confronting before voting. This could generate a
> "self-organization" effect. Maybe I'm optimistic though.

General forums are created by the site admins.
If more are needed, users can ask (and vote!).
Forums for each question are created automatically. 

> I think the forums associated with questions will soon need
> to be treated separatly from the "general" forums. This is
> evident when one submits a topic to a forum ("Poster un nouveau sujet."
> <>
> button on the forum page): the drop-down list includes all the
> forums associated with all questions so that's a 260 items
> drop-down list already!
> I think that at least in a first stage, the users can access
> the question forums by browsing the questions themselves,
> and then accessing the forum associated with one specific
> question. And therefore the general forums should not display
> the question forums.

Yes, there is no easy solution to this problem. I think I will disable the 
"create forum topic" menu item, precisely in order to avoid newbies getting 
confused by having to choose the proper forum from a drop-down list which is 
too long.

This is a useability issue and we can think further (stage 2 or later) about 
the best solution (which may be to disable altogether the drop down menu for 
ordinary users, so they have nothing to be confused about. They'll have to go 
to the proper forum first, and post a new topic from there).

> I think it's *very nice* to be able to browse the questions
> without having to log in. This is invaluable when it comes
> to convincing new users to make the effort to register
> and so on. They can see the current state of the votes
> without too much effort.

Yes, that is the whole point.
Questions will be indexed by search engines and it will drive traffic to the 

> It's also great that you can log in during browsing (for
> instance, you're browsing in disconnected mode, and suddenly
> you want to add a comment to a forum: the logging form
> is just there and it brings you back where you were once
> you're logged in). Excellent feature!

This is a Drupal core feature. 



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