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Re: [Demexp-dev] demexp web 2.0 compliance

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] demexp web 2.0 compliance
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:06:24 +0200
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GISQUET Christophe <address@hidden> writes:

> also please note that most of my previous mail was meant as a running
> joke coming from a comment from David about the Drupal page where he was
> mentionning adding a banner that was somewhat satirical regarding web
> 2.0.

That was clear to me. :-)

> But of course I request truckloads of money or else people would think I'm
> inefficient.


> You wouldn't blame you own creation, anyway :-)

My own creation? ;-)

>>  * Could you rename demexp.ico into demexp-demo.ico?
>>  * I would prefer that you rename gtk2-clnt/demexp.o into
>>    gtk2-clnt/demexp-info.o or something like that;
>>  * Shouldn't we put the demexp.rc into the win32/ directory? And rename
>>    it demexp-info.rc (to be coherent with previous remark)?
> All done.

Thanks. Patch applied.

>>  * At mid term, it would be nice to generate content of demexp.rc from
>>    content of demexp.nsi or another external file, in order to have a
>>    coherent numbering scheme and other application info.
> That would be hard. In fact, it would be simpler to do all through Makefile:
> makensis has syntax "/D<symbol>=<value>" and windres (the tool to
> compile the .rc into binary data) has -D<symbol>=<value>


> I had never used it, and I'm a bit too lazy to try to read a FAQ/manual
> to answer some questions:
> - Is it possible to generate patches with binary data (for instance
> base64-encoded)? -a options seems dangerous even it qualifies for a
> yes. If no, then is what I've done (attach binary data to mail) the only
> solution?

You can use the 'hg bundle' command to export a compact set of several
changesets. But I much prefer putting diff on the mailing list for peer
review, so the approach you used is ok for me.

> - I did an hg add. It didn't complain. Is it only local? Where would the
> data end after a hg commit?

Yes it is local, in .hg/ directory at the root of the project directory.

Mercurial is really distributed: all commits go into the .hg/ of the
local directory project. To make a new branch, you can use 'hg clone' or
a simple cp. I you want to remove mercurial info, just remove the .hg/

Best wishes,
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