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Re: [Demexp-dev] tag classification and hierachy

From: Augustin
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] tag classification and hierachy
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 21:32:04 +0800
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On Sunday 10 September 2006 07:28 pm, David MENTRE wrote:
> Augustin <address@hidden> writes:
> > I do not have anything like this in the data from the demo server. I
> > guess it was not done this way back then.
> Yes, there is no such simple classification on the demo server.
> I have setup a second proxy for the official server so you can test your
> code. Its URL is:

Ok, I tested and I saw the data. Thanks.
I carry testing with the demo server, for now, though. 

> In fact, if you want to do a proper display, you'd rather strip the
> 'xxx: ' part and display just the tag label.

Ok. I'll do that during the next round, when I'll work with the official 
server (but not modifying its data). I already have an idea on how to deal 
with them.

> For example, if we have tags:
>  - #1: 'a: Tag1'
>  - #2: 'aa: Tag2'
>  - #3: 'b: Tag3'
> And question #0: 'A good question' with tags #1 and #2, you can have
> different displays:
>  1. A tree of tags, following the alphabetical order of 'xxx:' parts:
>    Tag1
>     +-- Tag2
>     |    +-- Question #0: 'A good question'
>     +-- Tag3

>  2. You can make a flat display of all the tags:
>   Tag1
>   Tag2
>   Tag3

I've done something like 2. for now, but I will implement a version of 1. 

>   Selecting/searching one or more of them would selection corresponding
>   question (current hard client behaviour). E.g., selectiing Tag1 or
>   Tag2 would display question #0.

Yes, this is possible with Drupal. The easy part (for the user) is selecting 
one tag only, but there is support within Drupal for selecting several tags 
(tag1 AND tag2, tag1 OR tag2), if one knows how to do it. Later, I'll check 
out some contrib modules, that make selecting several tags easy for the user.

>  3. Whatever other classification you find interesting, with user
>     preferences, etc.

> As a main rule, the demexp classification is /flat/: there is no
> hierachy of tags. The client is supposed to offer means to explore this
> bag of tags.

> Use what you feel interesting for you. Feel free to experiment! ;-)

I have implemented something simple for now, but Drupal makes much more 
possible. We can discuss this further later.


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