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Re: [Demexp-dev] tag classification and hierachy

From: Augustin
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] tag classification and hierachy
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 18:59:02 +0800
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Hello Frederic,

Thanks for your reply.

On Sunday 10 September 2006 06:34 pm, Frederic Lehobey wrote:
> > I was under the impression that there was a tree-like hierarchy of tags.
> Yes and no. Actually there is not really. But some is simulated for
> readability of tags with the `aad:' `zc:'" part of the tag names. It
> has effects only on the _display_ of the tags (in the client).

I do not have anything like this in the data from the demo server. I guess it 
was not done this way back then.

Here is a sample data I am getting:

    [5] => Array
            [a_tag_label] => 'financement'
            [a_tag_timestamp] => 0
            [a_tag_id] => 14

Can you confirm that you are prepending the a_tag_label with your 
classification code like this:
            [a_tag_label] => 'afd: financement'
The only effect is in the alphabetical listing of all questions, isn't it?

My concern is also one of display and organization of all the nodes and forums 
within the site.



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