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[Demexp-dev] Problem with the 0.7 dev version

From: GISQUET Christophe
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Problem with the 0.7 dev version
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 19:15:51 +0200
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I've read somewhere of a 0.8 version, but I could't locate. So I went ahead with what I could find. And so I reported that:

>  the binary stops
Basically, I see an "Error" popup mentioning "Unable to login". Then I see a window flashing, and the client exits.

gdb sees nothing wrong with the execution. ocamlrun demexp-gtk2-client.bc reports "Fatal error: unknown C primitive `bigarray_reshape'" but then this was a guess at how to run the bytecode, and I wouldn't know how to trace/debug from there. Anyway, no exception reported.

What makes me think this is not a gettext problem is that the config file is only partially written, at least compared to the demexp--dev-0.7 tarball version.

I see different behaviors. Starting from scratch (removing the .demexp folder), I have:
- launching normally demexp--dev-0.7 (shortcut, or from explorer)
Works with or, but creates .demexp folder in the cygwin user folder. I didn't test further, and I've named this log "demexp-good"
- 0.7-etc version under mingw
Logs OK, .demexp is created in the mingw user folder. Second launch dies with
Connecting to server
Connected to server. Try to login with ""...
Fatal error: exception Failure("input_value: not a binary channel")
As the config doesn't change, I've kept only one version and named it "demexp-ugly"
- 0.7-etc version normally launched
Always fail, whether launched with or without demexp:// or if I copy a valid .demexp folder to the place where it is know created, the demexp installation folder. I have attached its content (one file) in demexp-bad - 0.7-etc version launched from cygwin. Works and produces a lot more files than all others. Attached in demexp-brutto

Last but not least, in all cases, the .demexp folder is created *inside* a world-readable and probably world-writable location. The proper way of storing this data under win32 is in <Docs and Settings>\<User> and eventually <Application Data> if you are really tidy. The former is available through the environment variable "USERPROFILE" while the later is "APPDATA". Hopefully ocaml provides a way to access those environment variables.

Hoping all those zips won't be detained by mailman for oversize or spam-likeliness,
Christophe GISQUET

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