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[Demexp-dev] Fwd: [cduce-users] the -pack fix in 3.09.1 ? (was Re: CDuce

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Fwd: [cduce-users] the -pack fix in 3.09.1 ? (was Re: CDuce on OSX)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:00:11 +0100

Hello Thomas,

You have probably read the message included below. I don't know if it
is related to the issue you faced while compiling latest demexp on
debian sid. I don't use the -pack option but maybe I don't have enough
-I in the link phase.

Best wishes,

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From: Alain Frisch <address@hidden>
Date: 27 févr. 2006 08:29
Subject: Re: [cduce-users] the -pack fix in 3.09.1 ? (was Re: CDuce on OSX)
To: address@hidden

For other users: after some discussion with Toni, we found out that the
bug is already fixed in CDuce's CVS.

FWIW, the bug is related to a change in OCaml's -pack option. When you
-pack with ocamlopt, you now need to provide enough -I options so that
the packed .cmx files are accessible (which was not the case before
OCaml 3.09). Cf:

-- Alain

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