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Re: [Demexp-dev] Current status of development

From: felix . henry
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] Current status of development
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 14:51:23 +0100
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So we have three approaches to consider. Plus and minus points:
- 1/ makes Javascript mandatory on the client;

On a side note, there are now extensions (for firefox but probably on other
browsers) that let you activate javascript on certain websites only. Thus
you maintain security, and activate javascript only on trusted sites.

- 3/ makes the architecture quite complicated (information is stored
within the web proxy);

I also think it sort of prevents future evolutions.

- 2/ implies that the server should store personal information.
However, 2/ simplifies the code and requirements of the web proxy and
it make synchronization much easier if a Participant wants to use
simultaneously the web proxy and the GTK client[1].

I think that's quite a bonus. I would would definitely be such a user (using
the software client at home and the web access at work or wherever). Being able
to maintain the history would be very nice (and the history is going to be
an essential element of the comfort of use when the number of daily
questions grows).

Right now, solution 2/ seems the most seducing to me. However we need
to find a solution for the privacy issues. Maybe a set of RPC to load
and unload statuses, and to activate/deactivate status tracking on the

By privacy issue, you mean the users who do not want to have their history
stored on the server? I think this issue could be solved later when we want
to deal with voting privacy itself. Thos who agree to vote know, even if
the vote is not secured, certainly do not mind if their history is stored on
the server.


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