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[Demexp-dev] Next SCM for > 0.8 releases

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Next SCM for > 0.8 releases
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:25:11 +0100


After releasing stable 0.8 revision (not done yet, but we are making
progress), I intend to switch from Arch to another SCM.

I reread previous thread on the subject
and my short list is:

 - Subversion (aka SVN). +: "standardized", well documented, a lot of
third party software, works well under windows (with TortoiseSVN). -:
need a central repository and I can't setup one on
Frédéric, would it be possible to setup an SVN server (svn+ssh, or
https) on your machine[1]?

 - SVK: +: same as SVN, plus not centralized. -: stable enough?

 - Mercurial: +: not centralized, seems to be quite fast, works on
windows. -: does not handle empty directory, not very well known.

I'm really in favor of Subversion or Mercurial.

Other ditched SCM:
 - Darcs: I don't like its commutable patch theory;
 - GIT: Linux specific, doesn't work under Windows, badly documented,
eats disk space;
 - Monotone: slow (?) (Well, maybe I should consider Monotone)

Feel free to give you comments and opinion, especially if you have
used one of those SCM  (or another one). I'm using Subversion at job,
so I know it.

The only way to evaluate an SCM is to use it (make branches, merges,
etc.). However, if one knows people having SCM comparison *on code*,
i.e. not a feature list, I would be eager to read them.

Best wishes,

[1] I'm wondering if performances (more exactly bandwidth) would be
acceptable. What about backup?

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