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Re: [demexp-fr] Re: [Demexp-dev] Inclusion of ocaml-gettext in build inf

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [demexp-fr] Re: [Demexp-dev] Inclusion of ocaml-gettext in build infrastructure
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 19:45:22 +0100
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Hi Frédéric,

Frederic Lehobey <address@hidden> writes:

> Please find attached a translated fr.po from the latest tar.gz.  It is
> in utf-8 so please tell me if it makes any problem.

Thank you. It seems to compile correctly (after removing multiple #:
lines). However I've been unable to see its result when launching the
application. :-( I don't know why, maybe I'm not using ocaml-gettext

BTW, which editor have you used to edit the PO file? I've tried Emacs
(alone) or Emacs with po-mode but both of them destroyed the UTF-8
encoding of the file. :-(

>> Discussion on translation should be done on demexp-dev@, except if one
>> has better suggestion.
> Crossposted to demexp-fr for review of the French translation.

Here are my comments. Overall, I agree with your translations but I have
few questions:

msgid ""
"Add question permanently to the base\n"
"(you won't be able to modify it afterwards)"
msgstr ""
"Ajouter la question définitivement à la base\n"
"(vous ne pourrez plus la modifier par la suite)"

??? Ajouter définitivement la question à la base  ???

msgid "Disliked"
msgstr "Déprécié"

??? Détesté ???

msgid "OK"
msgstr "OUI"

??? Keep "OK" ??? People are used to OK, no?

msgid "_Edit"
msgstr "_Éditer"

I'm not sure, but I think it should be "_Editer", otherwise the shortcut
would be on "É" letter, quite difficult to type. Or should we use
"Éditer (_E)"?

msgid "_About"
msgstr "_Au sujet de ce logiciel"

Usually translated by "À propos", but I like your translation.

Best wishes,
pub  1024D/A3AD7A2A 2004-10-03 David MENTRE <address@hidden>
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