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Re: [Demexp-dev] voting tools

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] voting tools
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 20:03:06 +0200
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Hello John,

My comment was rather targeted at my french friends on this list but
you're proposal is very welcome.

skaller <address@hidden> writes:

> So if you can find some small job to get me
> going that would help?

Sure. :)

The most important thing to do now is having a workable graphical user
interface (to be able to do some demo). The UI is divided into several
windows, the main one, with the menu bar, which is a browser for the
data base and several others called from menu items or buttons.

You can launch the client with -dall-dialogs to have all those windows
at once.

 ./lablgtk2-clnt/demexp-lablgtk2-client -dall-dialogs

I've already done the "Preferences" and "Manage users" windows
(respectively lablgtk2-clnt/ and lablgtk2-clnt/

You could start by doing the "Manage tags" window
(lablgtk2-clnt/, taking lablgtk2-clnt/ as an
example. This window is rather simple: a tree widget to display keywords
and there ids; a button Add to add a new one and a button Rename to
change the label of a tag. The client/server code is done through RPC
calls but everything is ready on the server. You can look at section
15.4.3 p. 91 of srv/demexp-server-book.dvi to have a working
example. The client/server interaction is very similar to the one in
lablgtk2-clnt/ The job would be to add needed callbacks to
make this window doing real thing on the server.

I'm new to lablgtk2, so feel free to make comments on code structure. I
also would like to comment the code in an intelligent way (e.g. explain
to overall structure or why such thing is done there) but the client is
not very well commented. If you don't understand something, just ask on
this mailing list.

My GNU Arch repository is at:

You'll find always the latest tarball of the code at:

This is just a proposal, if you don't like it, just tell me. And of
course, there is now hurry. This is a free software project after all. :)

In our last project meeting on Monday, we defined following priorities
for development (taking as hypothesis that I was the only developer):

 1. finish the graphical client;

 2. make xml database saving/loading work on the server;

 3. implement delegation (on both server and client);

 4. internationalization;

 5. security protocol and its implementation (it might necessitate code

If one of those subject interests you more, just tell me. We'll organize
ourselves to allow you to do it.

 David MENTRÉ <address@hidden>

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