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Re: [Demexp-dev] TODO list for the mid term

From: felix . henry
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] TODO list for the mid term
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 00:26:02 +0100
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this is my proposed priority list, in adition to the three points
you set as highest priority:

>  1. the client, the client, the client!! :)
>  2. saving and loading of bases on the server
>  3. real multi-threading on the server, i.e. more than a client at once
>  4. port to Windows
Because we want to test the system with friends and relatives, most of them
using windows, such a version would be highly desirable. Of course a web
interface would be also very interesting, but I assume it is more complex (and
thus would take more time).

As soon as the above 4 points have been implemented, we're ready to test and
play with the demexp within a group of volunteers. Then:

>  5. real security (difficult but very important point, time consuming,
>      maybe several sub points like vote recounting, handling of DoS,
>      ...)
That's a tough point but I thing it will become the first requirement to be
met when we want to push the expereince further (that is, outside the group
of volunteer testers).

>  6. user manual & tutorial (and their translation)
Also needed at the same stage of the demexp.

>  7. internationalization (with needed infrastructure)

For other points I am not able to set a priority right now.

>  ?. saving and loading from XML files
>  ?. web interface
>  ?. caching on the client
>  ?. delegation on questions
>  ?. performance measuring and related perf. issues
>  ?. rewriting of condorcet voting to use Schulze algorithm
>  ?. port to MacOS X
>  ?. port to other Unix platforms
>  ?. addition of a configure script



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