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Re: [PATCH] Support of bridge method testing

From: Alexander Ivchenko
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Support of bridge method testing
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 18:37:50 +0400

Hi Ben,

Did you have an opportunity to take a look at the patch? If there is
anything that you think I can already refine, please, let me know.

best regards,

2013/2/20 Alexander Ivchenko <address@hidden>:
> Hello Ben,
> Thank you very much for your input.
> I attached the updated version with .xml doc files.
> Alexander
> 2013/2/13 Ben Elliston <address@hidden>:
>> Hi Alexander
>> Sorry to bring bad news, but you've patched the Texinfo files.  The
>> definitive source files for the DejaGnu documentation are user.xml and
>> ref.xml.  The Texinfo files are automatically generated.  Can you
>> please update the right files?
>> Rob, Docbook is a dog.  Why don't we take the current generated
>> Texinfo file as the starting point and just use that, like every other
>> GNU project?
>> Cheers, Ben

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