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Re: remote_open - ssh with "-Y" option

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Re: remote_open - ssh with "-Y" option
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 15:06:39 +1000
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Hi Vikram

> I have an existing code where an ssh connection is established using the
> following options:
> set_board_info username $username
> set_board_info netport  $host
> and the proc call 'remote_open' is being invoked. This opens a shell prompt
> using the spawn: '/usr/bin/ssh -l$username $host'.

> But I wanted to create the same ssh connection but with "-Y" options
> to get the xWindow. I read some reference documents but I am not
> sure how to send that additional arguments to 'remote_open'.

As best as I can tell, you can't supply additional options (patches
welcome).  A workaround would be to write a wrapper script (perhaps
`ssh-Y') that execs ssh with -Y and $*, and get DejaGnu to use that

Cheers, Ben

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