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Re: Unanswered Questions and Configure/Make Problems (minor)

From: Ben Elliston
Subject: Re: Unanswered Questions and Configure/Make Problems (minor)
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 09:39:29 +1000
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> While installing dejagnu 1.4.4 on an old Linux host, I followed the
> INSTALL and README instructions:
> ./configure MYHOSTYPE

Hmm.  I don't see that in any of the documentation (at least now).
The whole point of config.guess is that you don't need to know your
host type.  Just run ./configure.

> Without the option I got no warnings.


> + Do I need to have a special user for the tests?

No.  It's just usual to do this on systems where you want the tests to
run with minimal privilege (for example, a small embedded system).

> I also have some suggestions for updating the docs which I will send
> as a patch later if you are interested.

Yes, please do.

Cheers, Ben

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