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[DejaGnu] xml parser for dejagnu.

From: George France
Subject: [DejaGnu] xml parser for dejagnu.
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 15:55:53 -0500

Hello Rob and Matt,

IMHO, it would be far more useful to patch Dejagnu to output XML based on the 
value of an environment variable.  Thus I could set the value before running 
'make check' and get logs in XML format. 

Is there any objections before I create such a patch to Dejagnu???

Best Regards,


On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 08:22:07AM -0500, Matthew Bemis wrote:

> framework, and I would like to get peoples opinions on something.
> The parser converts the .log file into .log.xml files.  Should the
> parser be passed the file name to parse or just parse any file that is
> has a .log extension?

  Both. :-) I'd guess with no command line options, you'd want to parse all
the .log files, assuming there is more than one. If there is a file name
specified on the command line, then it should be the only file to get parsed.

> Also since this tcl parser isn't really a testing tool where should this
> be placed?

  dejagnu/contrib is for utilities and other stuff.

        - rob -

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