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Re: [DejaGnu] How to test an executable which comprises few object file

From: Nitin Gupta
Subject: Re: [DejaGnu] How to test an executable which comprises few object files?
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 16:51:23 -0700

please excuse me for not being clear. What I meant was that there are few
source files, those need to be compiled and linked into a executable.  Where
can I keep those source files in current testsuite structure? and How should I
mention the object file dependancies? If I can mention it in target specific
config file, could you please help me with that?

Rob Savoye wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 04:03:22PM -0700, Nitin Gupta wrote:
> > I am not a expect language genius and I am trying to use dejagnu for
> > testing cross-gcc and simulator. There are few executables in my case
> > which needs few object files, I am not sure how dejagnu will handle
> > that?
>   Huh ? When you say the executable need object files, does that mean you
> want to load an object file onto somekind of RTOS ? (like VxWorks) How
> does your executable need a few object files ? Are they data ? Usually
> this is controlled in the testsuite config file for the target. Any changes
> to the GCC test suite for more than your own use, need to be OK'd with
> the GCC team. (address@hidden)
>         - rob -

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