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Re: Any plans to use lldb as the inferior debugger?

From: Michael Eager
Subject: Re: Any plans to use lldb as the inferior debugger?
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2023 16:35:38 -0700
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Hi John --

I know little about LLDB other than a brief glance at the documentation. DDD is reasonably adaptable in how it communicates with an inferior debugger. There is a GDB->LLDB command map in the LLDB docs. So far, so good.

The major obstacle is that we do not have macOS systems for development and testing. I had looked into creating a VMware system with a macOS image, but ran into some problems. There are some web pages which describe how to do this, including one on developer.apple.com (which is far less than clear). I'll take another look at this in the near future.

On 6/7/23 12:37, Stuff Received wrote:
Greetings, All.

Are there any plans to interface DDD to LLDB?

I ask because GDB does not run on Apple's M1 (and using the CLI i/f to LLDB is a severe exercise in patience).


Michael Eager

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