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Re: MacPorts ddd-3.3.12_2 build failure

From: Roger Davis
Subject: Re: MacPorts ddd-3.3.12_2 build failure
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 10:46:48 -1000
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Hello Shaunak,

Thanks for the suggestions! I did as you said and ddd now builds OK.

I did encounter some further problems relating more to MacPorts and Xcode
rather than to ddd explicitly. There's probably nothing you can do about  
these within ddd, but just for the benefit of other list readers:

(1) Xcode used to include gdb, but no longer does. MacPorts has a gdb 
package, but it installs the executable as ggdb, probably to avoid 
conflict with the old Xcode gdb. This may or may not change in the future.

(2) Since gdb is now separately installed, you have to manually install a
security certificate and codesign the gdb (or ggdb) executable so that it
has permission to control other processes. Presumably Xcode used to do all
of this for you. You can find instructions on this procedure at

Anyway, after wading through all of the above I now have a working ddd    
again. Thank you!


On Sat, 29 Mar 2014, shaunak saha wrote:

> Hi Roger,
> This error is coming due to C++ 11 specs which states:
> If a friend declaration specifies
> a default argument expression, that declaration shall be a definition
> and shall be the only declaration of the
> function or function template in the translation unit.
> So this is rightly reported. We also have to deal with this situation
> in next release of DDD. Thanks for pointing this out.
> To solve this please go ahead and remove the variable initialization
> in those three functions in strclass.h.
> Accordingly you have to change the calls for those functions in C++
> files or else it can give the compilation error of "too few
> arguments".
> Regards,
> Shaunak

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