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Re: ddd & bash or bashdb

From: Luigi
Subject: Re: ddd & bash or bashdb
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 14:29:21 +0000 (UTC)
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Hello to everybody.

I have just found exactly the same problem already reported by David
Anderson - Macomb | 9 Oct 2008 21:20

"ddd --bash -debugger  seems to work, there is an hourglass, and
blinking green square in the lower right. I can do file open source
and load my program, but nothing works. When I try to close - it says
bash is still busy - do I want to kill it."

The only difference it's that I'm using a PC running Mageia-3 distribution
and we are in 2013.
Every time when I try to debug an executable (for instance my program) running

ddd myprogram

ddd starts and loads the sources but prevents me to set any breakpoints,
also the  hourglass and the greed square are always blinking.

Please note that I have worked for a month after the installation of
Mageia-3 using ddd without any problem. This morning some problem occurred
when I started debugging a new software. I stopped ddd, clicking on the “x”
button. After this accident ddd begun working in a very strange way.
I tested ddd with different executable located in different directories but
the result was always the same.
ddd loaded the executable but never permitted to go on with the debug and
the hourglass was always blinking.
I have also tryed to reinstall ddd from Mageia-3 DVD but nothing changed.

I think that the problem is due to a dirty status variable because I was
able to recover normal behavior of ddd by deleting ~/.ddd directory.

Deleting ~/.ddd directory restore default behavior of ddd so you can go on
with your work. So we have a solution!

Good luck!

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