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Re: A new maintainer for DDD

From: Roger Davis
Subject: Re: A new maintainer for DDD
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 04:10:34 -1000 (HST)
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I have taken over the maintainership of DDD.

This is terrific news, Shaunak, thanks so much for taking on this monumental task! I have used ddd for maybe 15 years now and it's been great, but like everyone else here I have grown increasingly frustrated with its difficulty to install and use under newer Linux releases. Several months ago I spent time looking around for a new debugger to switch over to, and couldn't find a single thing that seemed appealing because I absolutely do not want to get involved with any of the IDEs that seem to have taken over the development universe. ddd is a truly unique piece of software as far as I can tell.

Motif absolutely has got to go. I have just spent the better part of a year porting 20 years' worth of my own Motif code to gtk3.

Good luck, and thanks so much!!

Roger Davis
Univ. of Hawaii

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