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[PATCH] bug in showing/setting remake options

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: [PATCH] bug in showing/setting remake options
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 07:00:27 -0500

I just discovered a bug in rc2 in trying to show/set remake options.
(Also athere was small bug in remake, but that's been fixed in the git
source now.)

Attached is a proposed patch which contains 3 hunks. 

The first hunk tells ddd that multi-line remake's "set xx" output
doesn't show subcommands like it does in gdb.

The second hunk silences a gcc warning about operator precedence more
explicit. Not strictly needed.

The final changes are sort of a defensive measure against the kind of
looping that just occurred - a limit (75) is put on the maximum number
of button settings.

Andrew: if you want me to apply direcly to SVN let me know. Or
modify/amend as appropriate.

Attachment: ddd-settings.C.patch
Description: fix bug in set/show remake settings.

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