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Compiler update breaks my ddd

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Compiler update breaks my ddd
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 16:24:44 -0500

Fred Krogh writes:
 > I'm running Gentoo Linux on an opteron system.  I've just upgraded
 > compilers to
 > gcc (Gentoo 4.3.3 p1.0, pie-10.1.5) 4.3.3
 > GNU Fortran (Gentoo 4.3.3 p1.0, pie-10.1.5) 4.3.3
 > Gdb works just fine, but ddd does not seem to recognize that the source
 > files should be visible.  This is true in both C and Fortran.  In
 > Fortran I'm compiling with options
 > -ggdb -march=opteron -fimplicit-none -fno-f2c -fno-backslash\
 >  -funroll-loops  -ffpe-trap=zero,overflow,invalid -finit-real=NAN  -Wall
 > -Wextra
 > I'm usually running DDD 3.3.11.  But I just installed DDD 3.3.12-rc2 and
 > it has the same problem.  Any suggestions?  Thanks,
 > Fred

It's probably not the gcc compiler that matters so much as gdb. I just
tried rc2 with gdb 6.8-debian on a C program. I'm not completely sure
what "does not seem to recognize that source files should be visible"
means, but I was ddd found the position in the program. If it doesn't
you might use the gdb command "info files" and "info line" to see what
gdb thinks is the name of the current source file.

Good luck!

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