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some thoughts

From: Marko Schütz
Subject: some thoughts
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 14:28:32 -0400
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Dear All,

I just subscribed to the list, but have been a user of DDD for quite
some time.

The reason I subscribed is that I found some postings on the web that
I wanted to comment on.

"rewrite DDD in C++"
IMHO that will tie up quite some effort. But will it bring substantial
improvement? I doubt that very much. I have not looked at the source
code of DDD yet, but I assume/hope that it's fairly clean. DDD has not
seen substantial development in quite some time and I seriously doubt
that rewriting it in C++ would be a good way to invest the little
volunteer effort that goes into it right now. I also doubt that this
is a direction that would attract many new volunteers.

"change to Qt, GTKmm" While I agree that the GUI feels antiquated,
again I do not think the effort required by a project like this would
be well invested. Pretty much for the same reasons as above. I
consider forking DDD into two projects, one using Qt the other using
GTKmm a very bad decision as this will further divert any
contributions to the project.

"complete control by keystrokes"
That I actually think would be a good way forward.

This would be my number one priority. Fix all currently outstanding
bugs, collect user feedback on bugs not yet reported, fix those
too. In general make DDD more solid.

Best regards,


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