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--args doesn't work, even though listed in the --help for ddd

From: Kevin Meinert
Subject: --args doesn't work, even though listed in the --help for ddd
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 14:58:50 -0500

Maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't figure out how to use the --args
feature to pass arguments from the command line to my application
being debugged by ddd...

I'm using DDD 3.3.11

--args doesn't work, even though listed in the --help for ddd:
        --args             Arguments after executable-file are passed
to inferior

gdb even goes as far as to provide an example for --args:
        gdb [options] --args executable-file [inferior-arguments ...]

I would expect --args to pass arguments to the executable, just like
it does with gdb.

my command line:

    ddd --args  myapp  -d myargs

Based on the --help for ddd under the --args heading:
   I would expect "-d myargs" to pass through to myapp when "run" is
invoked in the ddd debugger.
however they are not.

gdb does accept these arguments...  and documents it in their --help
as a way to pass args to the exe.

Before you answer with "you can just select args using the menu"...

- it's a pain to specify arguments through the menu every time I want
to run, which could be several 10's of times a day...
allowing a command line for it reduces the operation to a single
keystroke (hitting enter), as opposed to several mouseclicks and mouse
navigation and possibly typing just to set the args...

- a session file is nice and a step towards this.  but still not good enough.
as I often want to change my command line args several times and
setting up a new session is a pain... compared to command line usage.
not to mention having session files clutters up the directories.

use case: a codebase with 50 or so tiny executables each with many
different argument combinations...  to test each one, it must be run
over again.  possibly up to 50 times a day or more as the problem is
being iterated upon...

- kevin

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