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RE: More on Command Line and Run Arugments

From: Wells, John - FS
Subject: RE: More on Command Line and Run Arugments
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 11:38:20 -0700

Thank you Peter for you response to my query.  Because of it I reread what I wrote and having done that I can see why you answered my query the way you did.  Please allow me to summarize as I still do not have an answer.  I confusingly wrote, "...when I run a program ddd knows the locations of  objects and source.  I know about the preferences settings and setting the working directory.  My program open a series of files that are located in different places on my system." 

That was about as clear as mud.  Sorry.  I am not having any problem with locating or using the objects or source code files, but I can see why you thought that.  Nor am I confusing preference settings with setting the workind directory.   I am having a problem with my program finding and opening data files.  These files are a mix of ascii, proprietary format, and an esoteric data format common to large, scale, high resolution imagery.  I am constructing path names based partly on command line parameters and values stored in textual configuration files.  The files are located in a variety of places on our system, but I am starting ddd in the main development directory.  The resulting constructed pathnames are fully qualified from root.

What I find is, even if I have started ddd in this main directory and have set the working directory (which I always do), my program cannot find and open the configuration files that are in the working directory to make the pathnames so it can locate the ancillary files which are also in the same working directory.  So I hard code the pathnames and then it can't find the ancillary files with those hardcoded pathnames.  But if I put the ancillary, configuration, and data files in my home directory (please note this is not my working directory), I put them in my home directory, and set the paths appropriately, they are found. 

All will be well.  And all shall be well.  All manner of thing shall be well. -- Lady Julian of Norwich

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