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More on Command Line and Run Arugments

From: Wells, John - FS
Subject: More on Command Line and Run Arugments
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 08:58:56 -0700

The biggest problem I have with ddd is getting it to import my environment so that when I run a program ddd knows the locations of objects and source.  I know about the preferences settings and setting the working directory.  My program open a series of files that are located in different places on my system.  For obvious reasons I do not hard code the paths.   I build the paths to these various files in the program before attempting an open.  When I run my program from the command line, that is outside of ddd, it runs fine.  It opens all it's files and goes merrily on it's way.  If I run within ddd it does not find it's files even though the path names are built exactly the same way and are correct. 

To make my program run in ddd I have to put all my files into my home directory.  This seems to be a default for ddd even though I have changed the working directory and directed ddd(gdb) where the source files and objects are located.  I have read till my eyes bled the documentation trying to solve the problem and I have sent emails before requested help solving this problem.  I received zero response from anyone and I could not find anything in the documentation.  This is the main reason I quit using ddd.  Does anyone have any idea why I am getting this behavior?  If my explanation is not clear and you think you might know the answser, ask me a question. 

All will be well.  And all shall be well.  All manner of thing shall be well. -- Lady Julian of Norwich

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