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What is the direction of DDD

From: jose maria gomez
Subject: What is the direction of DDD
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 23:38:17 +0200
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I think we should work in the code in order to:

- Decouple GUI from code. (Peter have done a lot in this aspect)
- To use C++ in order to make the code easy to understand and to maintain. 
More than the language I mean the design. One of my main goals is to have a 
good enviroment in order to make the things easier to other people to help. 
To get it, I would like to make a good object oriented designed software to 
insolate components. In this way we could work in different parts of the code 
in a better way, and in a cleaner way.
- On my point of view, motif is not easy to make big and functional 
applications. As you know I was thinking to use Qt but GNU project prefer 
Gtk. I know that there is one guy working in a branch with gtkmm. So I think 
is a good oportunity to have a common core and two branches with different 
GUI based in differents toolkits.
- Work in the web page. I think that the better it look like  the more people 
will be interested in getting envolved in this project. This is a real truth.

I have been using DDD, but I am sure I am not the person the more have use it. 
So I would like you to talk about things you think could be improved or are 


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