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Re: ddd port to new widget set

From: Burlen Loring
Subject: Re: ddd port to new widget set
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 08:52:32 -0400
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Hi Peter,

Peter Wainwright wrote:
Hi Burlen,

there is already an effort underway to port DDD to another widget set.
However, at present I am the only one working on it.  Because I happen
to be familiar with Gtkmm and unfamiliar with Qt, I am aiming at Gtkmm
(I don't want to get into any toolkit wars here, I'm sure Qt would do
fine!).  Gtkmm programs will also run on MS-Windows under a cygwin or
mingw environment.
However, my port is designed to work through an abstraction layer which
separates the DDD code from the the underlying toolkit.  My code
implements the necessary widgets using Gtkmm, but you might find that an
additional Qt backend would be reasonably easy to write.  The toolkits
do have plenty of conceptual similarities (signals/slots etc.).

I don't want to get into a widget war either ;) I am sort of on the fence as to weather I would want to take on a Qt port of ddd. And I think I would need to be a part of a collaborative effort in such an endeavor due to time constraints. The only GUI development I am really comfortable with is Qt, But I suppose there is always the option of learning a new widget set... we'll see ;) It is great that the gtkmm port is already underway!!!

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