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Re: ddd --ladebug --debugger idb -dbx

From: Andrew Gaylard
Subject: Re: ddd --ladebug --debugger idb -dbx
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 14:32:04 +0200

2008/4/15 le dinh <address@hidden>:
I'm evaluating (on a x86_64 Linux AS release 4) ddd version 3.3.11. running with idb 10.1-33 in dbx mode. First of all, the blinking status shows that dbx is busy. Trying to escape in the console, it prompts me to quit vim. Since then, i can set a break point but no way to stop in Running with idb in mode gdb works fine. I have to tell you i'm a newbie. Could you give me some help?

Why are you using --ladebug?  That was a debugger from DEC for Tru64.

Why are you using dbx?  Shouldn't you be using gdb?


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