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DDD and shared library

From: Hunter Hu
Subject: DDD and shared library
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 17:13:38 -0700

I am an Embedded software Engineer and I am trying to use DDD as the front end of GDB to remote debug our target; During the debugging process, a shared library, switch.so, is involved and it was developed by myself; so, many times, there is a need to track down into the shared library source also.
when I was trying to use DDD, everything is fine except at the calling point of the shared library function, DDD stops and refuses to show the source from the library, and gives the following message : "could not insert single-step breakpoint at 0x1560a80", "cannot find bounds of current function";
the reason why I think the problem comes from DDD not GDB itself is that I can use Emacs to track down every single source in my library and Emacs works fine.  But, DDD indeed is a very good and powerful front end of GDB, I really want to use DDD in the future.

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