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Re: Suddenly: WDB could not be started?

From: Zarko Zivanov
Subject: Re: Suddenly: WDB could not be started?
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 08:47:44 +0200

Just erase your current DDD setttings, and DDD should generate default
settings. If your settings are in your home directory (deafult), type
          rm -rf ~/.ddd
This usually helps me when DDD acts weird...

> I just joined you now because of this problem--probably answered
> numerous times already...

> I've been using ddd (3.3.11) for over a year now on my SuSE 10 box with
> not too much trouble. Suddenly, yesterday, I launch it and get an
> alert:

>     DDD: No debugger

>     WDB: could not be started.

>     Exit     Help

> The web tells me that wdb is some HP thing, so not too relevant and the
> other debugger I most often use is, obviously, gdb. What changed on my
> host that I can no longer use this? I'd like to get back up and
> running.

> Russ

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