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ddd and gdb: breakpoint breaks to much

From: Jürgen Herz
Subject: ddd and gdb: breakpoint breaks to much
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 13:28:02 +0100
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I've a problem using gdb (6.1.1) through ddd (3.3.11) on FreeBSD. It's
as follows:
1. Loading a program
2. break sourceline
3. run
4. Execution stops at the breakpoint

>From this point on I can't move forwards before deleting or disabling
the breakpoint, neither with next nor with step or continue (it's the
same if I use commands or the buttons). For each next I get the same
output as when reaching the breakpoint in the debugger console. E.g
Breakpoint 1, function (this=0x737c100, that=0x737970c, length=54) at

I used some ddd/gdb in the past on Linux (installation was about 3 years
old) and used to be able to simply continue resp. do next/step to step
over that breakpoint. This is also the way it works if running gdb
without ddd.

I already had a look in the manual and tried to find some switch to
change the behaviour without success. Haven't I looked at the right
places or is this the desired behaviour?


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