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Re: ddd and jni

From: Johann Schuster
Subject: Re: ddd and jni
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 07:25:15 +0000 (UTC)
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Johann Schuster <johann.schuster <at> unibw.de> writes:

> i want to debug a C-code shared library loaded via JNI from
> a java application.
> Opening the library with ddd i'm able to set breakpoints.

now i got the following workaround:

1. Strip off all the unused java-stuff (f.e. swing-gui)
2. Compile everything with gcj (most classes are supported)
(options -ggdb -fjni -L<jni-c-library>)
3. Load the executable into ddd
4. Set a breakpoint where the library is loaded
5. run the program and at the breakpoint choose next
6. After that you should be able to open your c-source 
files in order to debug them.


Johann Schuster

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