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Using gdbserver

From: lanas
Subject: Using gdbserver
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 16:49:49 -0500


  I'm trying to use DDD for remote debugging.  The host (
runs SuSE 9.3 (ddd and gdb comes installed) and the Pentium target
( runs Linux 2.4.21. with latest gdb. Both are conencted
through network.  gdb is configured for i586 on one machine and i686
on the other.


The C program is called test.  It was compiled with switch -ggdb on
both the host and the target.  Both executable and files source are
found on each machine in the current directories where gdbserver
(target) and ddd (host) are launched from.

Here's what I do and what happens:

Target : run gdbserver

  #gdbserver test
  Process test created; pid = 1545
  Listening on port 12345

Host : run ddd, load test, and connect to remote

  #ddd  (GNU gdb 6.3)
  file test (in gdb window)
  target remote (in gdb window)

Target : now shows this:

  Remote debugging from host

Host : set a breakpoint at a line near the beginning of code and press

Target : now immediately shows this:

  Killing inferior

In other words, the target drops the debugging session as soon as the
program is run from ddd.

I've searched the web, and it seems I'm doing things all right.  Is
there something I'm missing ? Are the two machines to be exact same
architecture (I think not) ?  Does the version of the compiler has a
role ?

Thanks for any hint, suggestion, advice, etc...

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