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Re: ddd and python

From: Andrew Gaylard
Subject: Re: ddd and python
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2006 08:33:36 +0200
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R. Bernstein wrote:

>I wrote before earlier:
> > In addition, it looks to me like using DDD as a front end to the
> > current (e.g. version 2.4.2) python debugger pdb.py is a bit
> > broken. Are folks using ddd to debug python? 
>But I now see I've not been the first to tread in this area. In ddd
>there is a pydb directory which is where pretty much what I was
>proposing has been done before. A couple observations about that
>First, I missed this because there was no effort to *install* pydb.py
>and the support programs.
>Second, the code looks pretty old (circa 1998 with small modifications
>in 2001), supporting python 1.x whereas there are those who considier
>anything before python 2.2 ancient and it probably is.
>So in sum it looks like what needs to be done is to just update this 
>for current python releases.


To my knowledge, this stuff's been quietly bitrotting since
Andreas last worked on it.  CVS should tell you, if you really
need the details.

Personally, I haven't used python and DDD, but I'd like
to know that someone's looked at it and confirmed that it

So feel free...!


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