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RE: Dumb question about fonts

From: Atwood, Robert C
Subject: RE: Dumb question about fonts
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:19:42 -0000


>Is it some unusual way that suse9.3 

I meant suse 9.1

As one more datum, does anyone else have a suse 9.1 /  x86_64 distro and
willing try the test? Suse 9.1/x86 would be interesting too, possibly
any other suse . Then if the odd result is observed I would pass the
info to suse (unless they are listening here??)

> 1. Start ddd
> 2. Edit [ check 'save options' is on] | Preferences | Fonts
> 3. Make note of your settings to get them back after
> 4. Change 'default font' to 'times'
> 5. Change 'Size' for 'Default Font' to 150
> 6. Click OK
> 7. Click 'Yes' to restart ddd and see the effect
> ---> Menu font should be 15 pt Times, is this true?
> 8. File | Exit
> 9. Start ddd
> ---> Now what is the menu font? I get 12 pt Times , all the sizes in
the .ddd/init file are set to 0
> 10. Edit | Preferences | Fonts
> 11. Change back to what you had before

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